Hello! Welcome to my Babydol’s Closet a 24hr Online Shop & The BABYDOL Collections. All designs featured are original  designs that I’ve created. Press MENU to Guide you to see the different Collections. We ship to USA, Europe, Australia. There’s plenty for us to do now that you’re in my closet! Bored at 3am? Lots to entertain you here! Watch the video of what’s Trending. Any time of day or nite, you can place your order. I’m here at Customer Support if you have a question, or Special Request. All items are Custom-Made. 

I am Super excited to bring to you my new Custom Made shoes and bags made in Italy in The BABYDOL Collection! Did you know Italian Leathers are so valuable they’re stored in vaults?!  This exciting new line of Italian Leather custom made shoes are created the day you place your order. They are hand crafted by Italian Master Craftsman that did this for 30years in order to claim that title! We have gone to great lengths to bring you Quality. We do not have mass produced merchandise sitting in a box, in some warehouse, collecting dust! Nope. These shoes are Custom Made. Why go Custom?  Because it’s SPECIAL. You’re Special, and you deserve a Special Shoe. It’s pure LUXURY! Many Celebrities have their shoes Cunstom Made. Did you know Elvis Presley owned 500 pairs of custom made shoes?! Got a special color you like? We can make it. Did you know that there are 37 processes in creating a custom made Italian shoe?! We Guarantee our merchandise will be exactly as you ordered it. If you are not satisfied or the sizing isn’t correct for you, contact us within 30 days with the reason why and we we will Redo your shoe or Refund your purchase. 

The BABYDOL Collection is a collection of Ladies Shoes w matching Bags.

Mens BABYDOL Collection features the collection of Men’s Shoes.

Vida Designs by Babydol. The 8 separate lines are: GODDESS, VAMP, VIXEN, LIPSTICK GIRL, BUTTERFLY, VA VOOM, DOGMA, & The BALLER. There is Active Wear, Silk Scarves, Leather Accessories, Candles, Wall Art, and more. This Collection offers PoP Colors and Animated Designs in styles compared to those by artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.  

AMERICAN DOLL celebrates our USA with Red, White, & Blue Babydol ensembles, and all things BABYDOL from Thongs and Sports Bras, to BABYDOL Water Bottles. 

In Wall Art/Home Furnishings you can actually purchase Wall Art Canvas versions of these original designs; along with matching candles that are wrapped in beeswax; so that as it burns it reveals the glowing art design through the beeswax wrapping.

A recent add-on BABYDOL Collectables offers Special One-of-a-Kind  pieces I’ve worn at Red carpet Events, or on Television. ALL pieces have either never been worn, or worn once in order to model it, or attend a publicly photographed event. Each purchase includes a signed photo by me, modeling or wearing that item.


Custom Made/OurGuarantee: Please be advised that all items on this site are Custom Made and made on demand. This means that they are not gathering dust, in a box, in some warehouse; but rather, are individually created by me at time of purchase-especially for You.  Items are accurate as seen in photo, and we offer a size chart for your convenience. Items are ordered in US sizes. Please allow 3-4 weeks on all purchases.

If you are not satisfied that your shoe and feel it is not exactly as we featured it, contact us within 30 days with the reason why and we we will try to work with your shoe; please be sure of your US size. If you ordered your correct size but feel you should have ordered a different size then we will REDO your shoe at half (1/2) the price. We do Not Refund your purchase.  Items are accurate as seen in photo, and we offer a size chart for your convenience. Items are ordered in US sizes. Please allow 3-4 weeks on all purchases.

We offer excellent Customer Support where you can Request special sizing, different colors, or any questions on our merchandise. A member of our Support Team will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can find my CDs on ITunes, Authored Books on amazon, Videos on Youtube; and we can chat at all Social Media outlets. Enjoy shopping & playing, and thanks for stopping by Babydols Closet Online Store❤️


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