Hello! Welcome to my Babydol’s Closet a 24hr Online Shop & The BABYDOL Collections!  All designs featured are original  designs that I’ve created. There’s plenty for us to do now that you’re in my closet. Bored at 3am? Lots to entertain you here! Watch the video of what’s Trending. Any time of day or nite, you can place your order. I’m here at Customer Support if you have a question, or Special Request. 

I am very excited to bring to you my new shoes and bags made in Italy in The BABYDOL Collection. The exciting new line of Italian Leather custom made shoes are created the day you place your order. We do not have mass produced merchandise sitting in a box, in some warehouse, collecting dust! Nope. These shoes are Custom Made. If you have a Rrquest for a special color or style, just contact me at Customer Support and I will try to create your vision. We Guarantee our merchandise will be exactly as you ordered it. And the Comfort! Did you know that there are 37 processes in creating a custom made Italian shoe?! In the GLAMOUR GIRL line, you’ll find trending Leather Hi Top Leopard Platform Sneakers, to the Mint Green Pumps MINT COOKIE; to the Lemon colored with Chocolate Brown Crocodile CHOC CROC KITY Pumps and matching Leather Bucket Bag. And we love pumps! Did you know that the first heel was designed for the Queen of England in 1590?! Also trending I love combining textures and styles like Turquoise with Leopard, as seen in the Glamour Girl Line in the Babydol Collection. The Turquoise is soft  Luscious Leather, with the leopard print made of dyed pony hair. From Turquoise to Pink, they all come with matching Leather Bags custom made from Paris, France. Yes! Bags from Paris! All the luscious leather bags with leopard are made in Paris. Also created the day you place your order. Shoes from Italy! What’s a Girl to do?! Additionally, 

In the Vida Designs by Babydol there are 8 separate lines: GODDESS, VAMP, VIXEN, LIPSTICK GIRL, BUTTERFLY, VA VOOM, DOGMA, & The BALLER. This Collection offers PoP Colors and Animated Designs reminiscent in style of artist Roy Lichtenstein.  

AMERICAN DOLL is all things Babydol! Featuring the Babydol red heart logo, you’ll find hoodie dresses, leggings, tops, sweats, and hoodies. All ages!

In Wall Art/Home Furnishings you can actually purchase Wall Art Canvas versions of these original designs; along with matching candles that are wrapped in beeswax; so that as it burns it reveals the glowing art design through the beeswax wrapping.

About Us www.babydolscloset.org     Have a Court Date or Custody Hearing? At www.babydolscloset.com we understand those challenges and try to help by providing you with the Proper Court Decorum. DON’T wear jeans if you want to make the right impression on a Judge! At www.babydolscloset.org ( page under construction ) , a non-profit organization, we understand these challenges, and try to provide the right clothing for Ladies Court Decorum on that vital day. All one has to do is sit like an amateur in a courtroom, and see for yourself!  We rely on, and are grateful for all Donations from Ladies; NO Chanel or Designer Goods, please; we need long-sleeved white collared shirts, 2pc skirt or pantsuits, jackets, shoes ( no more than 2” heel ) knee-length skirts ( no leather or minis ) particular need for larger sizes. No busy prints, or polka dots. Classic & Simple will be perfect. We will pay for Shipping for donations. If you are in need of our services please contact us here at Customer Support and provide us with:
1) Valid Court Date that we can Verify on that court’s website;
2) Tell us your Story
3) Send us a full-body Selfie, w your Sizes shirt, pant, shoe; so we can try to obtain the right items for you.

 Proceeds from sales will go to the following charities:                              LA/No Kill Animal Shelter, HIV.org, St.Jude Hospital

Custom Made: Please be advised that all items on this site are Custom Made and made on demand. This means that they are not gathering dust, in a box, in some warehouse; but rather, are individually created by me at time of purchase-especially for You. Items are accurate as seen in photo, and we offer a size chart for your convenience. Items are ordered in US sizes. As all items are custom made and created at time of purchase for you, please allow 3-4 weeks on all purchases. We offer Customer Support where you can address any questions on our merchandise. A member of our Support Team will get back to you within 24 hours. You can find my CDs on ITunes, and we can chat at all Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. I hope you enjoy shopping & playing in my Babydol’s Closet Online Shop❤️