The Babydol Story

This is a story about a young woman who came to Hollywood with a dream of being a pop star.  She found that to finance that dream of pop stardom, she needed lots of money and the skills she learned at a young age from her manager mother, made her the perfect secret Hollywood Madam.  While working tirelessly at recording and promoting her pop star persona, behind the scenes she became a top Madam to the rich and famous, growing a business worldwide.  Unfortunately the fame she sought came with a price when she was put behind bars.
This isn’t a crime story with the nitty gritty details of how they took her down.  It’s a story of one woman, devoted to a goal, and the wild and crazy detour life took her on in search of that dream.

If you know that Jody’s Mother Tobe Gibson, discovered Tom Cruise..and that by the time she was 14, was already a ballad singer, and an Agent helping her personal manager mother with the phones...then you can understand why opening up a modeling agency to support herself upon arrival in Los Angeles was the most natural thing for her to do.

If you know that the Gorgeous models always wanted to meet wealthy sugar daddies to help them with their expenses; while the wealthy male advertising clients were always looking to meet Gorgeous models to date..then you can understand how a legit modeling agency could easily morph into a dating service.

If you know that JodyBabydol moved to LA and left everything behind to chase her dreams of being a Recording Artist & Pop Star, then you can understand how a ‘money machine’ might offer creative control to an Artist that aspired to do this.

If you can understand that upon arrival to Los Angeles, Jody purchased her famed Babydol Billboard on Sunset Blvd for purposes of her Branding, after a Hollywood ATTY told her the best way to secure her brand was to ‘be the 1st to make it famous!’; and that back then, it cost over $1000 per day, for one month..$30,000, then you can understand the scale of the amount of money she was making.

If you know that coming from a legit entertainment background, Jody knew better than to believe a Recording CEO would take her music career seriously; after booking 8 girls for $50,000, for one nite, in Palm Springs as a Hollywood Madam, then you can understand why keeping these 2 lives separate was paramount to being taken seriously as an artist; leading to a ‘Double-Life’ as Recording Artist by day, & Hollywood Madam by nite- right under Hollywood’s nose.

And if you can understand the commitment of ‘putting everything on the line’ including possibly your freedom; to follow your heart and chase your dreams...then you begin to understand her story..The BABYDOL Story.❤️ #itscomplicated

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