Hello! Welcome to my Babydol’s Closet a 24hr Online Shop & The BABYDOL Collections!  All designs featured are original  designs that I’ve created. There’s plenty for us to do now that you’re in my closet. Bored at 3am? Lots to entertain you here! Watch the video of what’s Trending. Any time of day or nite, you can place your order. I’m here at Customer Support if you have a question, or Special Request. 

AMERICAN DOLL is fashioned after the USA where everything is Red, White, & Blue. The BABYDOL Collection has everything from a Trending Junior Hoodie Dress; to a Leather Shoes & Bag Collection from Italy, custom made with the finest Leathers. Trending styles like mixing Turquoise with Leopard, as seen in the Glamour Girl Line in the Babydol Collection.

Within The Collection for Vida Designs by Babydol there are 8 lines: GODDESS, VAMP, VIXEN, LIPSTICK GIRL, BUTTERFLY, VA VOOM, DOGMA, & The BALLER. Wall Art/Home Furnishings is where you can purchase Wall Art Canvas versions of these original designs; along with matching candles that are wrapped in beeswax; so that as it burns it reveals the glowing art design through the beeswax wrapping. Please be advised that all items on this site are Custom Made and made on demand. This means that they are not gathering dust, in a box, in some warehouse; but rather, are individually created by me at time of purchase-especially for You. Items are accurate as seen in photo, and we offer a size chart for your convenience. Items are ordered in US sizes. As all items are custom made and created at time of purchase for you, please allow 4 weeks on all purchases. We offer Customer Support. You can find my CDs on ITunes, and we can chat at all Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. I hope you enjoy shopping & playing in my Babydol’s Closet Online Shop❤️